Wine Aerator Pack


Perfectly flavour wine by the glass with the stainless steel Precision Aerator. Aerate wine in seconds and create a true explosion of flavour. (1x Airtender air pump & 1x Precision Aerator)

By adding air in a controlled way, aromas and taste are brought to life quickly and easily. Aerate wine by the glass to suit your taste with the Airtender air pump.

  • Stainless steel wine aerator
  • Aerator dishwasher-safe
  • BPA & BPS free


1x Airtender air pump
1x Precision Aerator

The Airtender® works with advanced, patented technology developed in the Netherlands.

By combining a powerful pump with a clever distribution system, the Airtender® is able to reverse the airflow to generate a powerful vacuum or impressive positive air pressure.

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